A Guide To The Different Circus Acts

A Guide To The Different Circus Acts

Being in a circus is always fun, the environment is festive and from the minute number one, you will be provided with top notch entertainment and jaw – dropping feats and acts. As they correctly say, the circus never gets old even in this current age of digital media entertainment. Circuses are incredibly colorful and if you have not attended a circus before, you will simply fall in love with it. Some circus shows have been running for more than a century and even till date their shows run sold out. This is just how popular the mode of entertainment is. If you are a first time circus attendee, this guide must help you identify the various acts you are mos
t likely to see on the day.

Acrobatics with the chair

This is one of the most primary acts of the spiegeltent Australia. The performers use the chairs for different balancing acts, such as vaulting and the contortion act. Chairs which are typically used for these acts have notches cut off their legs so that they can be stable even at different angles.


It is a juggling property, where the juggler employs a stick and a string to juggle the diabolo piece. This property also contains axles and discs; in some cases, the discs may be replaced by cups.

Breathing fire

This is one of the most loved circus acts due to the sheer wonder of performers spitting out fire like dragons. They usually have the fuel in the mouth and during the act; they breathe through a fine mist of it and fire it over an open flame to give the flaring effect.

Human on a cannonball

This old act is the one in which a person is shot out of a cannonball specially made for the circus. In the earlier days, springs were being used for the launched, but now compressed air is employed.

Human pyramid

It is a gymnastic formation which can range from 4 feet to even 20 feet! The acrobats start by standing or kneeling in a row. On top of them, the next batches of acrobats stand to enable the third row of acrobats to stand on them. This chain continues until a proper pyramid is formed.


One of the most evergreen acts in the circus where a performer throws balls or even knives in the air and catches them as they curve down on him. Typically three balls are used during the act, but some experienced performers even use more than 8 balls. Dome acts also feature chainsaws being used for juggling.

The circus and the burlesque shows are some unique forms of entertainment that will never be beaten by the stream of current entertainment that is pouring in. The sheer thrill of seeing the amazingness at play without any cuts, or retakes is a wonder that still leaves millions in awe.

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